The Subject | The Sublime

The Quarry
Ex Ponto
Andrew Clapham

Documentation video for The Subject/The Sublime – a multi-artform performance by Arie Rain Glorie & The Projects for the 2018 Winter Wild Festival.

Scuba diving to see the world upside down. Gasping for air when you break the waters surface. Travelling across the desert to see a herd of buffalo kick up the dust. Running from a hungry lion. Climbing a mountain to see the village below as a small dot. Seeing a whole forrest go up in flames. Laying on the grass to see an ant colony appear as a great civilisation. Being bitten by a red back spider. Clinging to the edge of a cliff. Fingers gripping the sharp edge. Your arms flexing to hold your increasingly heavy body. Look down at the world, spiralling under you. Tremble. Gaze at the magnificence of the world. Falling through the air.

– Excerpt from The Subject / The Sublime, words by Arie Rain Glorie