Music Video

Compound | Tolerance Range

Music video for Tolerance Range by Compound. Heavily processed cymatics referencing the colour palette from album artwork and Compound’s futurist vision…
Compound constructs a purely synthetic vocabulary as his expressive ammunition on ‘Eternal Estate’ – plaintive swathes of sines and gravelled synth tones ululate in and out of haunted futurist rhythms, searching for context or meaning almost playfully within a self-imposed void. An urgency to reconcile the emotional stress which we cannot ever fully reconcile pulses dramatically through this music; it is in and of itself, perhaps but a momentary screenshot in time, wavering and distorting in the distance either side of this present moment. It’s palpable that these pieces were composed and recorded at the paramount of some sort of existential nexus, the notion of the unknown both worrying and exciting in equal measure, Bystrom chooses to dive headlong into the anxiety in order to pass through it and find his voice. For fans of Vangelis, Ekoplekz.
Tolerance Range
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