Established in 2013 by Melbourne-based creative Ivan Masic, Ex Ponto Productions has been exploring the insoluble intimacy between music, light and the moving image through a wide range of creative projects. These include music videos, feature films, video installations, live performance and projection. The primary focus of our work is in creating an authentic visual vocabulary that seeks to inform, challenge and inspire, while enhancing our understanding and experience of conceptual ideas. Videos for clients such as Bärra-Westwind, Remuse Designs and Off The Grid Festival all articulate this goal in distinctive ways.

Ex Ponto recently worked on a feature film (Westwind – Djalu’s Legacy), documented the inaugural Festival in Opposition in Novi Sad (Serbia) and created promotional videos for the Australian Tattooists Guild, Dane Certificate’s Magic Theatre and Yugovinyl Records. We also began work on a documentary on Serbian-born composer Mitar Subotic (Suba) whilst spending an extended period of time in Belgrade.

Our video projections employ an elemental approach—vibrating the surface of a plate covered with a thin film of powder or liquid, a process that occupies a near-perpetual state of experimentation. The subsequent projections culminate into a synaesthetic inquiry and an intersection of our own musical immersion, studio production techniques and captivation with the moving image.

2017 Ex Ponto Showreel: